Architectural Plans
photo front of church.png

Present view of the front of the church. Where you see small garden this will be the new glass porch. 

photo rear of church.png

Rear view of the church hall and site of the new annex.

plans .jpg

New Build Challenge- May 2022

Our vision for a new Annexe is about to be realized.


It has taken many months of preparation but we are fast approaching a start date for a building at the rear of our church and improvements to the front entrance. See the drawings.


So what will this addition to our facilities mean for the people of Stanway?


We are a church that sees its Christian mission to be at the heart of its local community and to serve that community especially those in need.

As Jesus said in the book of Matthew Chapter 25 "I tell you the truth, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did for me.  " 


  1. The new Annexe will give us much needed extra space to improve our work of community service as seen in our mid week groups.  

  2. The building will give us the opportunity to further develop especially our children's and youth work both on Sundays and in the week.

  3. When not in use by the church it will be possible for community support groups to apply to use this self contained Annexe for activities and meetings.

  4. Improvements to our front entrance will enable better access.


What makes this Project different?


We are excited as a church about the improvement to our premises for our use but we also have a wider vision.


We plan to make this facility available, when we can, for the support, education, health and well being of the residents of our rapidly growing Stanway community.

We must cover our running costs but Stanway Evangelical Church is not a profit making organisation. We will not be charging hire fees but relying on donations so groups/organisations can partner with us to benefit our community. 


We are very grateful for the gifts, grants, advice and support we have received to make this project possible.  . 



Please understand that it is not possible for any bookings to be made at present as foundations have not even been laid and we don't anticipate availability until 2023.  However if you are part of a community focused group and would like to express an interest we would be very pleased to hear from you.  Please contact us with a brief message via our website and someone will get back to you.  



This is the beginning of an exciting future for us.  We know that particularly in this present time there is a very wide range of needs among people and that Jesus wants His church to be relevant in its time and place. 


Watch this space for updates on our progress!