The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse Magazine was professionally edited and written with love and dedication by Sharon and Ray Pearce for 17 years.  The contents were all up to date information about Stanway Evangelical Church and the local area.

After long consideration Sharon and Ray felt they needed to lay the magazine down.   Unfortunately no-one took over.

However, there hasn't been anything to "bridge the gap".   Those who aren't on WhatsApp or have access to the internet or are guests or new to SEC can't see the month to month activities.

So as of March 2020 "The Lighthouse" has been resurrected in a new format and will be printed in A3 and A4 format so it is accessible to everyone.  


It won't be a magazine but a 4 page newsletter with information of what is going on in the church for the community and the congregation.

The digital prints will be published each month for everyone to catch up on.